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They say time is valuable
That you only miss youth when you lose it.
That when you get old that you don’t matter
It’s true, even now you don’t matter.
We are never truly innocent
The darkness is always around us
Choking and suffocating us.
Our life in this world shows us the truth
That the time we spend here is in pain
That only few people are actually happy.
People say that you need to enjoy your time here
Yet we waste our time doing nothing
Some people achieve these dreams, good for them
But what about after?
What then, when your done?
You move on to the next goal?
You’ve already wasted your time on the last goal
Some never reach that goal, or dream.
Time is a cold mistress
Preventing us from being with our loved ones
Ending our lives, but we accept it.
Because life is pain, and time ends that pain.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 2 2
The eyes
Windows to the soul
They are clouded and empty.
The soul I have
In my body
Is scarred and broken.
The smile I have
A thin vale
That hides what is truly inside.
As I ponder this
I think about why
Why must life be so cruel?
Is it the sick fantasy
Of some god above
To see his children in pain?
I do not believe in god
I only see facts.
Facts that prove nothing is forever
How life is a sick joke
And how those that treat others like dirt
Somehow get everything they want and more
And never pay the price
Whilst the fools that they spit on grovel to them
Treat them as gods or kings
And yet the people that get everything still complain.
As if they're the only ones that matter.
Funny how stories
Depict lives of underdogs
And how all it takes
Is a simple conversation.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 4 2
Sadness rings inside my soul
Like a church bell
Or a gunshot.
The sky's electric with hate and fear
Life is the lie we live
People say that life’s worth living
But why?
Why do we think
Why do we feel
Emotions are the things
That hold humans back.
Love is one of the strongest emotions
And the one that can hurt us the most
Hate is strong in thought
But easily manipulated.
Happiness, a mask that hides us
From the real world
Fear, it controls us all.
Sadness, is inside all of us.
These emotions hold us back
From what, I do not know
They say imagination
Is the strongest thing we have.
And yet, all they are, are dreams
With each passing day
I feel like an outcast
It never bothered me before.
I suppose my will, has finally broken.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 5 2
Sometimes I just need you
To say I love you
For I get lonely too.
I smile the brightest
The happiest person
The walled up death.
But with all these traits
All I need
Is to say I love you
And mean it
With all your heart.
For it would make me
The true me
Or so I think it to be.
But for now
I will say
I love you
For I truly do.
And I NEVER think you’re nothing
I want you to never feel left out
I want you to know the world’s name.
I want you to meet everything and not be afraid
I want to help you defeat anything you’re scared of
And most of all, I want you to love me too.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 3 7
Little child
Little child, little child
I have much to tell you
I am debating to ever have you.
Tell me now
When you’re not bored or broken
Have I been good to you?
Do you still want to live by the time you’re 13?
Tell me, do you trust me
With those secrets of yours
The dark thoughts in your head?
Little child
I am debating to ever have you
Someone loves you very dearly.
But tell me
By the time you’re 18
How many times have you cut
How many times have you tried to commit suicide?
Tell me from the place in heaven you are in right now.
Was it worth it
Your childhood I mean?
For you are too afraid?
Little child
Tell me please
Did you wish to be born?
Now little child I should tell you
That I am deaf and cannot hear you
Until you come to this earth and cry your first tear
I’m sorry if you never come
I’m sorry if you never wanted to come.
Little child, little child
No matter what
I still love you
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 1 3
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