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Mature content
Worth it? Winter part 1 :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 26 28
Mature content
Worth it? Glynda part one :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 21 15
Mature content
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Chibi me by That-irish-guy Chibi me :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 5 3 Serana birthday gift by That-irish-guy Serana birthday gift :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 4 0
Mature content
Worth it? Yang path part 1 :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 35 28
Worth it? Blake path part 1.
…..Blake Belladonna. A mysterious girl who wore mostly black clothes. She had a difficult past, you knew that much about her the first time you two met. That and the fact that she always read in the library.
Black haired girl: Are you alright?
(Y/N): Huh? Yeah I’m fine, thanks for worrying.
Black haired girl: Of course, my name’s Blake Belladonna. I’ve seen you around before, your….(Y/N) right?
(Y/N): Y-yeah, how’d you know?
Blake: Like I said, I’ve seen you around. Also you're always called on by Port since you sleep though his class.
(Y/N): It’s not my fault he’s boring!
Blake: I will admit, he’s not that entertaining. Still you shouldn’t be sleeping in his class, he talks about very important lessons.
(Y/N): Yeah, yeah. You're as bad as Glynda.
Blake: Not funny (Y/N).
As you two were talking her Red haired friend run up to you two.
Redhead: Come on Blake! We gotta go!
Blake: Where are we even going Ruby?
Ruby: We
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 29 60
Mature content
Worth it? Ruby path part 1. :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 15 36
Worth it? Weiss cheater X Male reader X ???
Today was the day, one of the greatest days of your life. Today is the day you met the person that made your world go round, your special little snowflake. Weiss Schnee, the only thing that kept you sane in this crazy and destructive place you called home. You could barely contain your excitement as you walked down the halls of Beacon. As you merrily walked towards team RWBY’s dorm you passed by team JNPR.
Pyrrha: Hey (Y/N), you look happy today.
(Y/N): Why wouldn’t I be happy? Today is my favorite day in the world!
Nora: National pancake day?
Jaune: That’s not a holiday Nora… it?
Ren: *sigh* Actually it is a “holiday”. Its date is March 7.
Pyrrha: How do you know that?
Ren: Ask Nora.
*Everyone looks at Nora, who now has a innocent smile.*
Nora: What? All I did was make him memorize the date.
(Y/N): She really made you do that?
Ren: She wouldn’t let me sleep until I got it stuck in my head.
Jaune: Man that sucks, at least we didn’t h
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 36 108
Mature content
Friends :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 1 3
They say time is valuable
That you only miss youth when you lose it.
That when you get old that you don’t matter
It’s true, even now you don’t matter.
We are never truly innocent
The darkness is always around us
Choking and suffocating us.
Our life in this world shows us the truth
That the time we spend here is in pain
That only few people are actually happy.
People say that you need to enjoy your time here
Yet we waste our time doing nothing
Some people achieve these dreams, good for them
But what about after?
What then, when your done?
You move on to the next goal?
You’ve already wasted your time on the last goal
Some never reach that goal, or dream.
Time is a cold mistress
Preventing us from being with our loved ones
Ending our lives, but we accept it.
Because life is pain, and time ends that pain.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 2 2
The eyes
Windows to the soul
They are clouded and empty.
The soul I have
In my body
Is scarred and broken.
The smile I have
A thin vale
That hides what is truly inside.
As I ponder this
I think about why
Why must life be so cruel?
Is it the sick fantasy
Of some god above
To see his children in pain?
I do not believe in god
I only see facts.
Facts that prove nothing is forever
How life is a sick joke
And how those that treat others like dirt
Somehow get everything they want and more
And never pay the price
Whilst the fools that they spit on grovel to them
Treat them as gods or kings
And yet the people that get everything still complain.
As if they're the only ones that matter.
Funny how stories
Depict lives of underdogs
And how all it takes
Is a simple conversation.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 4 2
Sadness rings inside my soul
Like a church bell
Or a gunshot.
The sky's electric with hate and fear
Life is the lie we live
People say that life’s worth living
But why?
Why do we think
Why do we feel
Emotions are the things
That hold humans back.
Love is one of the strongest emotions
And the one that can hurt us the most
Hate is strong in thought
But easily manipulated.
Happiness, a mask that hides us
From the real world
Fear, it controls us all.
Sadness, is inside all of us.
These emotions hold us back
From what, I do not know
They say imagination
Is the strongest thing we have.
And yet, all they are, are dreams
With each passing day
I feel like an outcast
It never bothered me before.
I suppose my will, has finally broken.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 5 2
Sometimes I just need you
To say I love you
For I get lonely too.
I smile the brightest
The happiest person
The walled up death.
But with all these traits
All I need
Is to say I love you
And mean it
With all your heart.
For it would make me
The true me
Or so I think it to be.
But for now
I will say
I love you
For I truly do.
And I NEVER think you’re nothing
I want you to never feel left out
I want you to know the world’s name.
I want you to meet everything and not be afraid
I want to help you defeat anything you’re scared of
And most of all, I want you to love me too.
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 3 7
Little child
Little child, little child
I have much to tell you
I am debating to ever have you.
Tell me now
When you’re not bored or broken
Have I been good to you?
Do you still want to live by the time you’re 13?
Tell me, do you trust me
With those secrets of yours
The dark thoughts in your head?
Little child
I am debating to ever have you
Someone loves you very dearly.
But tell me
By the time you’re 18
How many times have you cut
How many times have you tried to commit suicide?
Tell me from the place in heaven you are in right now.
Was it worth it
Your childhood I mean?
For you are too afraid?
Little child
Tell me please
Did you wish to be born?
Now little child I should tell you
That I am deaf and cannot hear you
Until you come to this earth and cry your first tear
I’m sorry if you never come
I’m sorry if you never wanted to come.
Little child, little child
No matter what
I still love you
:iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 1 3
A horrible drawing of some pears. by That-irish-guy A horrible drawing of some pears. :iconthat-irish-guy:That-irish-guy 1 3


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Well I did a thing, as you can kinda tell I changed how I write. Again depression is a bitch blah blah blah. Anyway here's your story, well my story but-you know
what you guys get what I mean

…..Winter Schnee? Why is she here? A better question is she actually help me or is she gonna yell at me? As your think about this you look at Winter walking towards you and Weiss in an angry motion.

Weiss POV

Weiss: What are you looking at you dunce!?

Ruby: Uhhhhh, Weiss? Who’s that? *Ruby points behind me*

Weiss: Hold on a minute Ruby! This idiot hasn’t learned his lesson yet!

???: Sister! Is this anyway for a Schnee to act in public?

I can feel my face starting to drain of color and I can practically feel my eyes go wide. I then quickly turn around and greet my sister before I act even more foolish.

Weiss: Sister! I’m so sorry for being late! You see this idiot ran into me-

Winter raises her and and I stop talking, I can’t believe I just went off like that infront of my sister! And I can’t believe this idiot is just sitting sitting here gawking at us!

Winter: I Don’t wanna hear excuses Weiss, I’ve had a long flight. Now who are these…...people?

Weiss: *I motion to Ruby.* Well this is my partner and leader-

Ruby: Ruby Rose! Nice to meet you miss..?

Winter: Umm….Winter. Its...nice to meet you Ruby.

Weiss: Ruby! You're embarrassing me!

Ruby pokes both of her index-fingers together and looks down.

Ruby: Heh, sorry Weiss. Just really excited!

Weiss: Ugh, sorry about that sister. Anyway this *Weiss motions to Yang* is Yang.

Yang: Nice to met ya snowy.

Yang hold out her hand for Winter to shake, to which Winter uses her fingers to carefully shake Yang’s hand to avoid actually touching her whole hand.

Winter: My name isn’t snowy for your information, it's Winter to you.

Yang: Not much of a people person huh?

Weiss: Are all of you going to be so rude!?

Blake lightly pushes Yang back so she can greet Winter. I hope she has some form of manners, unlike these two.

Winter: And who might you be?

Blake: My name is Blake, and that’s all you need to know. Considering I don’t wish to talk to a general that oppresses faunas.

Did she really just say that!? I look at my sister and she seems...angry. Blake’s going to get it this time!

Weiss: Blake! That was incredibly rude!

I start yelling and I push past Yang and Ruby to yell at Blake for her rudeness.

Your POV

You watch as Weiss nearly shoves Ruby and Yang as she goes on a rampage that leads straight to Blake. I look up towards Winter and I see her looking right back at me with a raised eyebrow and an unimpressed look.

Winter: And who are you? I hope you have better manners than these three. *She motions to Ruby, Yang and Blake.*

You: I-I’m(Y/n)(L/n)whoareyou?!WaitIknowwhoyouareeveryoneknowswhoyouare-

Winter: Shush, say that again. Slowly.

You talk a deep breath and start to speak again.

You: S-sorry Miss Schnee, I-I said I’m (Y/n) (L/n) and then I said-

Winter: Quiet, that’s all I needed from you. Well Weiss at least one of your friends knows manors.

Weiss stops yelling at Blake (Who isn’t listening) and looks back at Winter, then at you.

Weiss: Him!? I don’t even know him! Besides he’s the one that ran into me!

Winter: Weiss, silence. I don’t wanna hear it, now follow me.

Yang: Oh where we going?

Winter: You aren’t going, this is a private talk between me and my sister about personal matters.

Ruby: Oh okay, we’ll be in the training area if you need us Weiss.

Winter and Weiss start walking towards an Atlas airship and the rest of team RWBY walk towards the training building. While you just sit there like an idiot, oh well.

You: Maybe I should go back to my dorm….

Winter’s POV

Heh, that (L/n) wasn’t half bad looking….wait why am I thinking about that?! He’s just another student, not to mention we just met! Besides, he’d be like every other suiter father has shown me. Just wanting to use me for my money.

Weiss: Are you okay sister? You seem to be a bit….angered.

Winter: What do you know about that (L/n) fellow?

Weiss: Him? Well I know he doesn’t have a team, or a semblance for that matter. Other than that I don’t know much about him.

Winter: And would you say he’s a good person?

Weiss: I’m not sure, I barely see him around. He usually sits alone, he also doesn’t really talk much in class.

I start to think about the information my sister gave me, he seems…..lonely. Hmmm, I’ll need to ask Ozpin for more dirt on him.

*End of flashback*

You shake your head at the memory, you hated thinking about when you first met for two reasons. One was because of how mean Weiss used to be, two was because of how….beautiful you thought Winter was. And not in a normal “She’s pretty...oh look a butterfly” kinda way, it was in a “Holy shit she’s a goddess kinda way.”

You: No! She’s your girlfriend’s sister, and if luck should have it your sister in law.

But you kept thinking about it, that was until Beacon’s favorite bully came around the corner. As he did you looked directly at you and a smirk came across his face.

Cardin: Ah, just the loser I wanted to see. I gotta say, you got good taste in women dude. She sucked the energy right out of me.

You: What are you talking about?

Cardin: Pfft….dude. You're stupider than Weiss said, just look at these picks I got of your girl.

Cardin handed you his scroll and swiped it until it landed on a picture of Weiss naked on a bed. And it wasn’t just one picture, it was several of them. You let the two presents fall from your left hand and you grabbed the scroll with both hands whilst you trembled.

Cardin: Yeah, and it’s so much better up close. I should know hehe. Oh, and what’s this piece of shit you dropped?

Cardin picks up the box that held the jewelry and looks inside. And his sinister smirk turns into a full blown demonic smile.

Cardin: Well, isn’t this a nice little surprise? I think I’ll take these and give them to Weiss myself, maybe I’ll get another round with her. Oh, and I’ll take that too.

Cardin takes back his scroll and walks back towards the dorm area, laughing all the way. Now you lost all you money in the form of those presents, your confidence and worst of all you lost your girlfriend, to that asshole no less….

You: W-what did I do wrong..?

You sit up against the wall and curl up into a ball….crying..
Worth it? Winter part 1
If you want favorite and watch me. And even give me a llama if you so choose.

In Japan, Burger King has an all-black burger.

*Please note these facts my not be 100%. Cause the internet isn't always trustworthy* Ireland

Oh and MR-I have a discord, so come and join us! And maybe share this with other people.
Yello all, so I thought the other day. "Why not ask my friends why they care about me?"

So I asked, I didn't tell them why I did I just asked "Why do you care about me?" To all of them. This is why they said:

PoatOfInsanity: Because you seem like a cool person, and you're a friend of mine.

He's pretty cool too, we don't talk too much but, it's nice that I'm cool to him.

CrazyCryaotic: Cause you're somebody who's important to me. You've helped me though a lot, even when you didn't know me, and for that I wanted to keep you around. Plus your sweet and nice. You mean a lot to me, whether you like it or not.

She's really sweet, and she always wants to help. I'm glad shes my friend, she's pretty important to me too. So much so that I don't really know how to put it in words.

TheLoneRedWolf: Because I can (I asked again XD) I care because you matter to them. (Them being the other admins and The-Wolf-Of-Tommorow)

She can blunt, but she really does care. And I'm glad she does. She's helped me though a lot and she even helped me meet these wonderful people.

The-Wolf-Of-Tommorow: My reasoning is because you're a wonderful person who deserves it. You make me smile and laugh and I feel better talking to you. You're just all around great.

He's a great person, and I'm glad I meant him. He's a great person too and he's helped me a lot. And just like Dan I can't put it into words how much he means to me.

Now keep in mind that not everyone has answered or given more than a few words of why, but I still care about those people. They all mean so much to me and I'd do anything for them, and if they're reading this right now I hope you guys know that. Oh also, some parts were personal so I did take those bits out.

Thanks guys, you keep me going. Ireland 

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There is a slight lemon, not major but its there.

….Glynda Goodwitch? You saw her walking towards you in an angry manner. You quickly looked away from her. You always thought she was a

Glynda: Miss Schnee! Mister (L/n)! What is the meaning of all this commotion?!

Glynda used her semblance to capture Weiss in a bubble and bring her back to the scene of the...crime you guessed?

Glynda: Both of you explain yourselves before I take both of you straight to Ozpin!

Weiss: I’m sorry miss Goodwitch, this dolt wasn’t looking where he was going and walked into me.

You wince at her calling you a ‘dolt’. Sure you weren’t too bright but, you were smarter than Cardin or any of his idiots.

Glynda: Miss Schnee it's impolite to call someone names, as well as very immature.

Weiss: Well it's all true! Not to mention he can’t fight at all! No sembalbence, no private training, uses an outdated weapon! (You can imagine the weapon.)

Glynda: Miss Schnee that does not give you the right to call him names or insult him in such a way.

(Y/n): I-Its okay miss Goodwitch, just a bit embarrassed that everyone is staring.

Glynda and Weiss look around and see several people staring and looking on in interest, wondering what's gonna happen next.

Glynda: Students disperse! There’s nothing to see here! As for you miss Schnee you will go to Ozpin’s office immediately!

Weiss: Ugh! This is all your fault dolt!

Weiss points to you then walks in the opposite towards Ozpin’s office. While you're watching her walk away the crowd starts to fall apart until you and Glynda are the only one’s in the courtyard.

Glynda: Are you okay mister (L/n)?

(Y/n): Yes, thanks for asking miss Goodwitch.

Glynda: Please, call me Glynda. It's faster to say than ‘miss Goodwitch’.

You blush a bit.

(Y/n): Thanks G-Glynda.

*End of flashback.*

You still had a slight crush on Glynda. You knew it was wrong since you were already with Weiss, lucky for you it faded away. Except when you had that one wet dream about her with her riding crop….you shook your head before you could think about it.

(Y/n): I need to get some pills or something for that. Where the hell is Weiss, it's almost midnight.

-Weird cringe area. Don’t read if you don't want cringe. You have been warned.-

???: *Giggle* You're so bad Ruby~

???: I can’t help it, you're sweeter than cookies~

(Y/n)’s mind: Wait what? Ruby is dating someone? Wait again…..are they doing it in a bush?!

You set down the gifts and rush over to the bushes to find Ruby eating out.….Weiss?

(Y/n): W-what the fuck?

Weiss(Blushing): (Y/n)!? I-It's not what it looks like!

Ruby: Y-yeah! Weiss was just showing me a good way to um…...train?

(Y/n): Don’t even try to lie…..I know you're lying already…...I hope you two are happy together….

You walked away from them and into the main school area, you figured
the easier way to forget everything was to replace
it with new information. So you made you
way down to the library to studyand forget your troubles.

Crying all the way there…...and forgetting your gift to... ‘her’.
Worth it? Glynda part one
If you want favorite and watch me. And even give me a llama if you so choose.

Fun fact number two: U.S president Abraham Lincoln suffered from
depression and avoided carrying knifes, fearing
he'd use it on himself.

*Please note these facts my not be 100%. Cause the internet isn't always trustworthy* Ireland

Oh and check out the MR-I page so you can chat with me and other admins on discord, and maybe even share the news with others.

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…..Heh, who were you kidding? No one came back to help you, no one felt bad. The entirety of team RWBY kept walking towards the Bulkhead landing area. But you got the feeling….someone was watching you….maybe even….there for you?

*In Ozpin’s Office.*

Ozpin: Raven, you must realize that if your tribe continues to disrupt towns in outer Vale then I’ll have no choice but to inform James about your less than legal “grocery shopping”.

Raven chose to ignore Ozpin’s words as she looked towards you. She didn’t understand why but….she felt angered by what that white haired incest Schnee did to you. So angered in fact that she didn’t even notice herself pulling out her katana.

Ozpin: *Sigh* Something troubling you Raven? You seem…..angered.

Raven: Who is that boy down there? The one in the (F/C) pants and the (2F/C).

Ozpin takes a sip of his, well whatever's in his cup and walks over to Raven. He takes another sip before looking down where Raven was looking.

Ozpin: That would be (Y/n). He’s not the brightest student at Beacon. And definitely not the most powerful, he doesn’t even have his semblance yet. Why do you ask?

Raven: That’s my private business Ozpin, I must take my leave. My tribe needs me.

Raven unsheathed her katana and creates a portal into who knows where.

Ozpin: Will you think about what I said Raven?

Raven: I don’t take orders from you old man. I fight for the good of my tribe.

Raven steps through the portal and it closes behind her.

Raven: And my tribe…..needs a king….

*Flashback end*

Since that day you’ve felt both protected and stalked at the same time. You’d often see two red eyes following you, but never a body to connect them to. It creeped you out at first, but after awhile you gave up worrying about it. Since there was nothing you could do about it and everyone thought you were crazy. Then you saw them again, the red eyes in a darker area of the hall you were walking.

(Y/n)’s mind: Just going to ignore it, there’s nothing there. It’s just your mind playing tricks on you.

You kept walking until you got to the cafeteria. No one was around since it was a Friday afternoon and most teams were either training or out celebrating the weekend. However there were two people at the far end near the serving area. One had blue hair, the other you couldn’t see. You chuckled a bit since you knew at least one of the two so far.

(Y/n): Good job Neptune, you finally got someone to suck-face with!

(???): (Y/N)!?

Suddenly the person jumps off of Neptune’s lap and reveals herself to be the last person you'd expect. Your long term girlfriend…...Weiss Schnee.


(Y/n): I-I…..

You quickly run out of the cafeteria, you ran away from them faster than you ran from Cadin on one of his….off days. However whilst you were running, you failed to notice the red eyes wernt following you. You didn’t stop running until you reached the Beacon cliff, you stare out into the forest below and take out the anniversary presents that were for your now ex-girlfriend. You look at the box that contained them, and threw it as far as you could out into the forest below. Then you sit down and cry your eyes out.

*With Raven.*

Raven: This is what you get for breaking my king’s heart!

Raven crushes Weiss’s head beneath her red and black combat boot.

Neptune: Y-you're insane you crazy bitch! W-who are you!?

Raven quickly opens a portal and stabs Neptune through it. It then closes and Raven walks up to the dying Neptune.

Raven: I'm (Y/n)’s protector, and his soon to be queen….

Raven then smiles with an almost innocent aura about her as she slowly slits Neptune’s throat and watches the light fade from his eyes……..

Raven: Now… find my king.

Sorry for being gone for so long guys. A lot of depression and drama has been going on, that and laziness. But it should be better for a little while. For once I actually feel proud of my work, I think this could be my best work yet. I know Raven is a bit (A lot) Yandere and stalker-ish, but that's how I envision she'd act with someone she likes. Please tell me if somethings wrong.
Worth it? Raven path part one
If you want favorite and watch me. And even give me a llama if you so choose. Also I'm doing fun-facts now! :D (Big Grin) 

Fun-fact one: The medical name for your ass-crack is the "Intergluteal-cleft."

*Please note these facts my not be 100%. Cause the internet isn't always trustworthy*Ireland 
Chibi me
Yup, Chibi me. Even if that's not what I look like. :) (Smile)

This is the second picture Kai gave me, and its pretty good.

Here's Kai's site. The-Wolf-Of-Tomorrow



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